#1 Goal of Your B2B Marketing Strategy: Alleviate Customer's Pain Points

B2B Marketing Strategy

Knowing your customer is vital, but many companies just don’t pay enough attention. Missing these pain points, however, forces your sales and operations to struggle.

Below, we’ll discuss why knowing your customer’s pain points is so important, how you can pinpoint their concerns, and what you can do about it:

Why Knowing Your Customer is Vital

Knowing your customer’s pain points helps drive your business in a variety of ways. Marketing revolves entirely around customer needs. When you’re developing a B2B marketing strategy, focus on these customer pain points. It should drive the decisions you make about targeting, messaging, style, and content.

Your products and services must also revolve around your customer. As you look to make continual improvements, you’ll want to focus on their pain points. Having a solid grasp on their pain points allows you to develop something truly valuable.

Finally, as you learn more about your customer’s concerns, you’ll be able to start having truly valuable conversations with them. Empathy allows you to strengthen connections, build trust, solidify your brand, and move more product.

What Exactly Bothers Your Customers?

Creating general problems isn’t good enough. If you want to benefit from knowing your customer, you need to be confident that you know them. Here are some easy ways to identify your customer’s true pain points:

  • Ask them. Make it a habit to simply ask customers what their biggest concerns are, either during sales calls or post-sales support. Clients are usually more than happy to talk about themselves, especially when it concerns their problems and concerns.
  • Look online. Take a look at industry forums and search social media hashtags and topics. See what questions and complaints are made most often, and figure out how you can answer these questions.
  • Copy the competition. If you have any successful competition, take a look at what problems their services are solving. If they’re having success, they must be doing something well.

 How Should You Address These Concerns?

Once you’ve identified these points, you need to start marketing towards them. A simple, effective way to do so is by tying it into your content marketing. If you’re targeting local businesses, your West Michigan inbound marketing campaign will be greatly boosted by addressing their unique concerns. Another great idea is simply jumping into social media discussions and offering your expertise.

If you need help developing your own content marketing campaign, make sure to reach out to us. We’d love to shake your hand, together figure out your customer's problems, and help you solve them!


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