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Friday Handshake Report: It's Time for Something New...

Anyone who knows 21 Handshake owner, Isaac, knows that he constantly has 100 ideas and thoughts running through his brain at all times. And while we admire his excitment and creativity, finding a productive way to channel it has been a challenge!

So, as you have probably recognized by now, this is not our normal Friday Handshake Report. That's because from now on, every Friday Isaac will be sharing insight and lessons about owning a business and working in the digital marketing space. For now we're calling it "Isaac's 21 Thought's" because he usually has that many (and more!) rolling around his brain at all times. This format may change as we get him to document more and more of his conciousness -- so make sure to stay tuned. 

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SEO Trends to Know When Planning 2018 Marketing Strategy

As 2018 approaches, it's time to once again consider what's going to happen with SEO, what new tactics are going to work, and what to beware of. It looks like next year holds a couple important new changes, so let's look at how it will change.

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Brand Voice pt. 2: Branding Guide for Social Media


If your brand attended a dinner party, who would it be? Would your brand be the tech-savvy guest offering pointers on how to be an Excel power user? Or, would your brand be the driven athlete who’s always working out and striving to unleash untapped potential?

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7 Reasons You Need A Crisis Communication Plan Today


A crisis communication plan is designed to do one thing: Provide everyone with a roadmap when the business gets a bit of negative news – including work accidents, public incidents, poor reviews, negative social media reactions, hate mail, and more. You can target specifically at social media disasters, at hacks or theft, at specific work events, or whatever your "crisis" may include. But your business should at least have an online component to avoid some of the bad publicity fallout! Here are the top reasons why a crisis communication plan is more important than ever.

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The Top 8 Video Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention To

We've discussed how important videos are and how you should optimize your videos for Facebook, YouTube, and beyond. However, it's high time we take a look at how to best analyze those optimized videos. Once you put them out there in the social media world, how do you know how well they're doing? What should you study, and what do those numbers mean? Lets look at the answers.

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Hops + Handshakes Ep. 10: Millennial Expert Breaks Down Barriers Between Generations

The Purpose of Hops and Handshakes

Human conversation is filled with vital moments that are difficult to capture and easy to forget over time. Fortunately, today we have access to mobile video technology that allows for a much more personal connection when interviewing local business leaders and entrepreneurs. Using this medium, we want to capture the essence of the discussion, including all those hidden nuggets that may not make it into the text.

Oh, and we really enjoy checking out new breweries!

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Accelerate Your Sales Process the Latest Mobile Marketing Tactics

We keep you updated on the latest mobile marketing news because mobile is a really, really important field. And now that it's more or less mandatory for even B2B companies to have a mobile presence, it pays to check in now and then at the latest trends. As we approach 2018, here are a few items to add to your strategic mobile marketing list!

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How Social Media Leaders are Changing Their Ads to Be More Native

Instagram is at it again! If you've been following our blog, you know Instagram is going through a lot of changes as it deals with newfound attention and a deluge of marketing tactics. One of the latest changes is particularly interesting, because it shows a new path for social media advertising – and you may have mixed feelings about it.

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How B2B Brands Can Utilize GIF's in Their Social Media Strategy


Chances are, you've already seen them popping up in your social media feeds: seconds-long repetitive moving images called GIFs, short for "graphic interchange format." Unlike the now-defunct looping videos of the Vine platform, most GIFs are simply used as a snippet reaction, or to add emphasis to a message while capturing reader attention. They're fun, lighthearted, and casual - so can you make them mesh with your B2B marketing? Absolutely - here's how:

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