Friday Handshake Report: Search, Social & Content, Oh My!

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What you missed this week on 21 Handshake: 


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An Important SEO Component You May Be Missing: Googlebot Optimization

If you have been working on your SEO but aren't seeing results, it could be because you aren't catering to the Googlebot. Find out what the googlebot is and how to satisify its needs to help your rank on Google in last Monday's blogpost. 


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3 Steps to Aligning Short and Long-term Inbound Strategy

Don't put all your time and energy into short term wins in order to get impressive results -- it's not sustainable. Instead, there needs to be balance. Here we offer 3 tips to create a unified marketing strategy combining short-term tactics and a sustainable long-term strategy for your inbound marketing. 


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Your New Content Optimization Focus Search Intent and Context

Does this sound like your current content philosophy? "An article or a blog is an end point, and the only variance are the paths that lead to it." If it does echo your content strategy,  we've got some news for you: you're missing out on some incredibly targeted opportunities. Check out this blog from last week to find out why your content optimization for search is crucial. 

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 5 Secrets from a Successful Facebook Contest

Are your social contests falling short? There are many benefits to running a Facebook contest but it is not worth the effort if you are not reaching the audience you are hoping to attract or the attention you are expecting to gain. Follow our 5 secrets to Facebook contests to help you attain your desired results. 


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