6 Tips to Increase Website Visitor Engagement


“Me, myself and I. My site, my product, my sales.” Would you consider these openers a good way to start your site’s page?

A neutral way?

Or a bad way since it sort of sounds narcissistic and has the potential to make your website traffic click away from you?

If you thought “bad” then you’d be right. Sure, it’s a terrific idea to market your website content in your own “personal voice”, but if it’s a droning monologue rather than an informative website visitor engagement interaction, then clicks of traffic will eventually become bored and turn away, exactly the opposite of what you desire. You don’t want to come across as a pitchman with nothing else to give. This isn’t just about gaining the simplest streams of traffic to sell-sell-sell. You want information to cross over, educate and intrigue your traffic! You want to lure your traffic flow with the pull of what your website has to offer without coming across as preachy or pretentious. So if these are the ways in which we should not engage our traffic, then how do we engage them?

6 tips for Website Visitor Engagement: 

  1. Make the 'Me' Talk Brief.

    Talk about who you are and your initiative in problem solving or website growth creation but make it brief. 

  2. Highlight Influencer Interactions 

    Mention your associates in the industry, guest speakers to your site that you might have interviewed or been influenced by. 

  3. Industry Talk and Future Predictions

    Discuss the industry itself, its beginnings,its growth over the years, and projected increases for the future. What are some of the unchanged points that make it a mainstay? How are changes being addressed and marketed? What are a few of the top points that might interest an entire new audience? There are a host of different topics from which to choose that can add uniqueness to your site without sounding “salesy”. 
  4. Educate. 

    Be at the forefront of teaching different things within your industry as they bloom into being better yet before they bloom into being. 

  5. Listen. 

    Listen to the questions posed by visitors when they engage with your company via social media. Make the flow a two way street so you can remain fresh and up to date. 

  6. Share Information Freely

    When you are the first to know of a new technique, a new product, or a new and upcoming voice in your industry, parlay that knowledge into information! Tie it into what you have to offer without pushing your agenda too harshly. You will find that this can grow an audience over time that considers you a key player and cornucopia of important information!

Usually, “warm” isn’t a euphemism associated with most websites unless you’re selling puppies or kittens. But it can be a great descriptive term if you utilize your social media alongside continuous updates to your site. Responding to Twitter and Facebook posts puts a recognisable “face” onto your site and opens a two way street in full gear between you, your social media presence and your website visitor engagement. Links to your social media pages on your website offer a quick way for visitors to become more aware of your site and engage your page and your information, getting to know you and your online presence better. You become approachable. Your visitors learn more about your site, products and you gain multiple influxes of traffic from the crossover social media clicking offers.

Remember, content that is perceived as friendly and informative is best.

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