[Infographic] Smart Marketing: Aligning Your Marketing & Sales Team


Many tips have been given about aligning your marketing and sales team - the cutesy term 'Smarketing' has even been tossed around as a buzzword.  But at the end of day it comes down to this:

Has your company aligned the two teams? Or are they still working in opposition? 

More often than not, the one hand is saying "We need to align marketing and sales" while the other hand is well...doing nothing to help bridge the gap. In the words of the AMA, the first step to align your sales and marketing teams is to shout it from the C-Suite.  At 21 Handshake, we would challenge you to take it one step further than shouting - to actually show it. Lead the way in bridging the gap between sales and marketing. 

We are in an interesting era of digital change. Technology has enabled consumers to access information 24/7/365 and on their own terms. Today, this is often the first step in the buyers journey -  becoming aware of your company presence online. It might be on your website or through social media - but when a prospect is searching at 2 a.m. are you there meeting them with your content? It might be odd for a salesperson to be meeting a prospect at 2 a.m., but your online presence is always available. And this is where sales and marketing combine to meet your propsect where they are at 24/7/365. 

When a company works to align their marketing and sales team efforts they ensure that they are doing everything in their power to meet the end user where they want to be met - whether it be online, offline or in most cases a combination of offline and online strategies. 



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