Suess to Seth Godin: B2B Content Marketing Inspiration


Two quotes to inspire you today:

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You poured your heart and soul into your business to make it what it is, what it continues to be. Tell that story.  It is authentic. It is inspiring. It is what makes you human and connects you to others. Not sure how to tell it? Record it. Start talking about it. Sometimes even just having the thought 'top of mind' will make you aware that you are telling your story even when you don't realize it. 


seth godin

There is a story behind every product you produce. It is time to write that down. Why did you decide to partner with that company? Why did you decide to become their supplier of ....? Why did you know you could make a better part for that door frame? Headlight? (Insert name of your product here). There is a reason behind every product you produce. Your prospects want to hear it. 

Time to dust off the notebook and start jotting down notes on your story


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