Take Your B2B Storytelling to the Sky with Drones

by Isaac Oswalt on July 14, 2016


We finally have a drone of our own! Our 21 Handshake team has been wanting to get our own drone for a long time now, and we finally took the leap. Of course, our drone isn't for surveillance – it's for video marketing, and if you haven't heard about it yet, drone footage is all the latest rage for B2B storytelling. With our drone we can take a variety of different video from unique angles and use it to great effect on social media and websites.

 But this isn't just about our latest investment (although we plan on having a lot of fun with it). It's about the growing trend of marketing drones as a whole, and what it means for your company.


The Surprising Advantages of Drone Video

"Aren't you just talking about overhead video?" you may be wondering. Yes, drones specialize in capturing footage from on high – but in a far different way than any previous method. They are much closer to the ground than helicopters for example, which allows them to zoom in on events, locations, people, and much more. After all, don't you want to give potential clients an "overhead" view of your company? Drones do that, and they do it better than anything else…which explains their quick rise in popularity.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We're still uncovering innovative ways of using drone video, including some spectacular 360-degree viewing angles and virtual reality video. The drones themselves have also grown more advanced, with better stabilizers to provide clear, non-shaky video, and more advanced cameras that can capture 4K footage. It's an exciting field!

Drones and B2B: Why it Works

If this whole drone thing sounds more like consumer marketing to you, well…B2B companies actually have the edge here. There are a few important reasons for this:

  • Bigger factories: You can't really fly a drone around the average brick-and-mortar, but you can absolutely fly it around larger B2B spaces. We've already used our drone to create video of a showroom, facility and lumberyard for one of our clients – all open areas with lots of activity that are perfect for this sort of video.
  • Construction sites: It's difficult to capture the full impact of a construction site with on-the-ground video. Drone video, however, excels at showing off an entire project.
  • Celebrating a Team: If you have a large team, especially one that's spread out or difficult to capture in one shot, a swooping drone shot is far better than a regular camera.
  • Product demonstrations: Particularly large components or equipment are hard to capture with a single shot or ground-based video. A drone allows you to more effectively capture just how your larger products work and why they are worthwhile.

How to Start Using Drones

Don't worry, you don't have to get a drone of your own! A high-quality drone can be an expensive investment, and requires some serious practice and skill to use appropriately. Two better options are 1) renting a drone for a specific time to cover a certain event or 2) hiring a company that provides drone video services.

With our new drone at the ready, we are of course proponents of the second option! But from what you might calldrone_b2b_video_marketing.jpg an "overhead" perspective, hiring drone services does guarantee a certain amount of quality and professional video work, which leaves you with less to worry about.

However, renting a drone of your own means that you have more control of shots and footage, and can make direct decisions on what the drone covers. Most drone controls use a combination of computer tablets and physical controls, so your chosen pilot will need some practice! If you are set on this option, we suggest purchasing drone insurance in case you run into an accident (or the ground).

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