The 7 Most Important Lessons 9/11 Taught Me


This morning, I had a laundry list of tasks to do but I became overwhelmed when I saw this post from the USA TODAY.

Watching the towers crumble in my dorm room @ Michigan State University is a moment in my life I'll never forget. 

I was 18. Now at 31...  I wanted to take a moment to honor those fallen but also thank them for their gifts of personal development they've instilled in me.

So here's a few positive notes... because such a disaster would be wasted if we didn't learn from it.

1. Balance

Life is a precious gift and we have no idea how long we get to enjoy it. No matter how crazy life can get, the happiest of people usually have found their own balance. The freedoms of the country allow such a gift... enjoy it!


2. People Are Good

To the core of every American, I truly believe there is good. A desire to be impactful, to love, to make a difference exists in all of us. Regardless, I'm in awe of how many good people willingly lost their lives in attempt to save a stranger that day. Maybe it means that in the United States, there are no strangers... just brothers and sisters.


3. My Problems Ain't Sh*t

Our reality is determined by the perspective in which we choose. What type of glasses do you put on everyday? Do you see positive or do you see negative. Well, it's our choice to determine which it is. Remembering 9/11, too many people do not have that choice anymore. So when I feel down in the dumps... I owe it to the fallen to honor them correctly and make that choice positive. 


4. Freedom Is A Price

In the United States, we're blessed to be sheltered from the horrific events that occur everyday around the world. In many ways, we live in a protected bubble and the gifts we enjoy... such as freedom... become common place, expected, and almost devalued because we don't know any different. Anything worth having in life has a price... get busy paying it and relish in the opportunity you have to do so.


5. Each Day Is A Blank Slate

Did yesterday suck? I'm sorry to hear that but get over it. You've got a new day, another shot, another opportunity to go build the life you truly desire. Scared? I completely understand because fear impacts us all. But you know what real fear is? Standing at the top of that building 13 years ago known that September 11th is your last day.


6. Emotional Drive Can Take You Anywhere

In most schools, we teach kids to thing conceptually and intelligently. Processing data, facts, and statistics to arrive at a justifiable solution or conclusion. In life, growth and success are completely opposite. It's a persons emotional determination to take on a challenge and complete a goal. On 9/11, brain power helped the rescue efforts, but it was the will and emotional drive that saved thousands of lives.


7. Do Something Special

Leave a mark. Stand up for something. Solve a social problem that has existed for centuries. Stand in the face of all opposition, fear, and doubt. Smile at the challenges and when you don't know what to do next... trust yourself that you will find the answers. Those who've come before us have created a breeding ground to DO COOL SH*T... Embrace it!


What will be the life lessons I learn from you, what business lessons can you teach me?




A deep meaningful thank you to those who protect this country and those who've lost their lives protecting the freedoms I enjoy everyday. God Bless.

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