The Best Channels for Your Video Marketing Are...

by Sarah Hayes on July 20, 2016


We suggest taking a look at this list and picking a mix of the channels that will provide the most impact for your video marketing. More channels are not (necessarily) better, but the more places you can get your video marketing into, the better! Think about including sites such as:


YouTube: YouTube is the number one online video sharing site in the world, so of course it's going to be on the list! However, YouTube is also owned by Google, which means it is closely intertwined with SEO and has a good chance of appearing in the search results from organic traffic. YouTube is particularly good if you are planning on releasing multiple videos over the long term – this allows you to create your own dedicated Channel. It's also very responsive to good data management: Make sure you provide clear tags, titles and descriptions, and encourage comments.

Facebook: Facebook loves video content and with today's autoplay features chances are better for viewers to see at least some footage as long as a video is in their feed. However, Facebook isn't the best place for in-depth, professional videos or tutorials, and won't be effective if you don't use Facebook very much. Save this channel for friendly, engaging videos with very clear messages that don't necessary require sound to be appreciated.

Facebook Live: There's a time and place for live videos, and while they aren't for everyone livestreaming can still be a powerful way to introduce products or concepts while building buzz. If you are interested in including live videos as part of your campaign, Facebook Live is the current star and is probably the best option. Look into embedding options for your own blog as well!

Vimeo: The best way to describe Vimeo is "alternative." It's essentially an alternative to popular sites like YouTube, while doing the same things (albeit with slightly fewer constrictions). Why consider it, then? Because the online presence of videos is very important, and Vimeo is easy to use. If you are already posting a video on YouTube, it's a very easy thing to open a Vimeo tab and carry everything over. This increases the reach of your marketing video, so take this step if you really want to push as much traffic as possible.

LinkedIn: Posting or linking your video at LinkedIn is an ideal step – as long as the video is relevant. Those casual social media videos won't do as much good here. However, if you are creating more data-oriented content with interviews, how-tos, or other professional information ripe for discussion, then you shouldn't miss sharing it on LinkedIn.

Twitter: Twitter is very similar to Facebook, but is generally more accepting of professional and B2B content, which makes it sound like a good pick. However, you need to have 1) a large enough Twitter audience to make it worthwhile and 2) enough funds to use Twitter Cards and similar tactics for a proper video display.

Instagram/Snapchat: These two are so similar we combined them together (although Instagram focuses more on photos than video). Essentially, these youth-facing services are great for short videos that last several seconds but still provide important information or at least a good laugh. If you are already using at least one of these services and want to reach younger leads, then these services are a good place to be.

Wistia: Wistia is a video platform designed specifically for marketing. It's crammed with business features like reports, engagement tools, and video customization that none of the other channels offer. The Wistia player can be used in many different circumstances, but it does take more time and money to use, so it's for the most serious companies.

Still wondering what channel is for you? The best way to know is to start producing video marketing content NOW and posting it to a familiar channel. Next, analyze the video data, rinse and repeat or pick a different channel to try. No one ever gained traction by just sitting still - you need to get in the game to play the game!

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