The Friday Handshake Report: Facebook Live Audio - Launching Soon

by Sarah Hayes on April 14, 2017

Facebook Live Audio .png

As a podcast junkie, I was very excited to hear that Facebook will soon be rolling out Facebook live audio

OH the possibilities. 

Recording something in my jammies being at the top of the list.  

So when will this feature be available to you? 

Like most new features that Facebook rolls out, it starts at the top. Currently, HarperCollins and BBC World Service are testing it. Facebook has said it will roll it out to everyone sometime in 2017. 

Will it replace other popular podcast listening apps? 

I am not sure. BUT this is yet another instance of where Facebook is taking other 'apps' and moving their capabilities into the Facebook platform - all designed to have a Facebook user stay in the Facebook platform for a longer time. As a marketer, this is something we not only need to be aware of but to adjust our marketing efforts accordingly. 

Will you be using Facebook Live Audio? 

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