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The Secret To Fear (The Sixth Option Podcast)



I'm not one to pass up a good conversation with someone I truly respect. That's why I found myself in dressed in my alma mater threads, sitting in the beautiful Spartan Stadium tower, sharing a microphone with my good friend Tim Bograkus.

On my drive to East Lansing, I realize I'm sitting down the The Sixth Option himself. A name that has trailed him since a press conference following a very special jump shot in Michigan State Basketball history. As I continue to process Tim's successes and triumphs, a discomfort of my scheduled meeting arises. 

My brain runs wild. "Wait. We're talking about me, about 21 Handshake?! Maybe we should be talking about what Tim's done... he's cut down nets, he's met these people, he's done this and th--"


It hits me. I know what we need to talk about today.
I know what we need to talk about today because I'm victim of it in this very moment. 
For heaven sakes, I was letting this one very thing disrupt a good conversation with an old friend!
We need to talk about fear... the omnipresent hurdle we all face.  
  • "I want to make a jump into measurable content marketing, but my job is safe"
  • "What if I run out of money?"
  • "What if people don't like my new ideas for business growth? What will I say?"
  • "I need a degree to do that"
  • "4 people already told me no"
  • "I'd like to do incorporate digital marketing tools into my business, but it's not the norm for my industry"
  • "Very few people get to achieve their dreams"
  • "I have ideas for new business marketing tactics, but I have a family, I can't risk anything"
Can you relate? If any of these statements get your head nodding in agreement, you'll benefit from this podcast. 
As Tim and I discuss, you'll learn...
  • Why we have fear in the first place
  • What is the "burn"
  • Why not all fear is bad
  • What to do when you feel the fear
  • How to keep moving forward in the presence of fear
  • What it's like to beat the fear... and win
We hope it helps you... but more importantly, we hope you do something with it. 


A special thanks to Tim Bograkus and The Sixth Option Podcast for putting this together. Connecting and Inspiring to make this world a better place.


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