The Two W's for B2B Instagram: When and What to Post

by Isaac Oswalt on December 22, 2016

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When you drill down to the very basics of B2B Instagram, you find two vital questions: When and What. No matter the brand, a business needs a concrete idea for when to post Instagram photos, and what those photos should be. Not surprisingly, this is also where many companies stumble, because they haven't really thought of it like that before. So let's take the two big B2B Instagram questions – when and what – and talk about the steps needed to answer them.

When: 5 Steps to Scheduling Instagram

  • Post During Weekdays: It's important to note that even in studies and surveys, people can't really agree on the absolute best time to post Instagram photos – or any other type of social media posts, actually. There is no single rule thumb that will win you more eyeballs. However, there are a few broad suggestions we can make based on general practices. The first is that, in the B2B world, you should be posting during the weekdays. People pay less attention to B2B posts over the weekend – which really shouldn't be that much of a surprise.
  • Post During Casual Times: People are more likely to look at Instagram during slow hours or breaks. Post within an hour or two of lunchtime in your time zone to help target people more effectively – and if you know when the slow times are in your industry, post then as well. We're not saying that you should post on Instagram whenever you feel bored...but it's not the worst idea (Click to Tweet)
  • Expect Off-Hours Activity: Even business prospects tend to review Instagram after the work day is over, so you can expect some Instagram viewing in the early evening. Try to have your important posts up by this time, and remember that you'll be getting extra traffic even while you're sitting at home.
  • Study Personas: One of the best ways to pick times to post is to look at your current clients and prospects. When do they browse social media? When are they most likely to interact with posts? If you can send out a survey and get some responses to these questions, great! But at least put together a persona of your average client and think about what they do throughout the day.
  • Analyze and Adjust: There are plenty of tools available to analyze Instagram traffic and interactions, from Instagram's own business tools to third party tools and even platforms like Squarelovin. Once you schedule posts, start checking up on them and compare responses to see what times appear to be the best for your circle of followers. There's room for trial and error here.

What: 5 Steps to Creating Instagram Content

  • Choose a Subject: What do you want to take photos of? It doesn't have to be your products or your services – but it can be! It can be a location, or an ongoing project, or a team. It can be a production cycle, a room, or even a sign. But this isn't something you should think up in the few minutes before whipping out your camera app. Plan your subject. Pick a couple subjects that define your business and are as unique as possible, and base your Instagram photos around those.
  • Choose a Style: The most successful Instagram accounts have a clear style. They tend to use the same color palettes for all (or most) photos, the same type of shot, the same focus and lighting decisions. Many companies choose colors that match their logos, which is a sound decision, but your theme can be whatever you want – as long as it looks good. Take a variety of shots and see what style seems to be working best for your Instagram account, then start building on that style.
  • Choose Emotions: What do you want people to feel when they look at a photo? Excited? Curious? Eager to take action? Interested in an internship? Choose an emotion that you want to highlight, and then choose/snap a photo that matches it.
  • Choose Hashtags and Captions: Hashtags and captions both explain photos and act as CTAs or tracking devices. Your photos need them! Choose text that is highly applicable, easy to remember, and encourages sharing! Tap into trends or news within your industry for added benefits, too.
  • Choose Activities: This last step is a little more optional, but it's also smart to choose an activity for your Instagram post – something for followers to get engaged in. This could be a contest, a request to share similar photos, asking for ideas or opinions, or anything else. You're not exactly looking for conversions here, you're looking for greater engagement for your current campaign, so give people something to do!

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