7 Tips to Generate Viral Website Traffic

by Emily Oswalt on August 02, 2016


Catchphrases and buzzwords such as, 'searchability', 'content marketing' and 'online traffic',  have been tossed around on the internet for awhile now but what do they all mean? And how can any of it help in generating flow of traffic to your site that will turn profitable for you and beneficial for your clients? Let’s talk about how a few tweaks to how you’re found and seen on the internet can be of immeasurable help to generate viral website traffic for your business!

1. Descriptive Keywords

 Specific words and phrases are the initial key to how Search Engine Optimization or SEO works for your site. Some of the easiest ways a client can find your site is through Google, Yahoo and Bing. So, in knowing the basics, what are a few different ways you can generate viral website traffic? Descriptive wording that differs from the rest is one way. What makes your site different? What offers do you have that the competition doesn’t? Get creative and be specific! Do you have something that sets you apart from the rest? Mention it! Expound upon what your unique niche is and do it boldly!

2. Separating Segments

 Is your site singular in nature or are there segments from which to choose? If you said segments, then you’ve yet another platform from which to capitalize your SEO. Each segment can be polished with individualized keywords and phrases and made to shine as a stand-alone entity, which in turn can gain traffic to that segment and ultimately, your site as a whole. Long-tail keywords work best since they tend to make specific the reasons guests will come looking for your site.

3. Mobile Apps

 With most everyone doing some sort of business via mobile app these days, it also helps if your site is mobile friendly. Google utilizes mobile friendliness as a ranking factor so it’s a very good idea to make sure your site is as mobile friendly as possible to insure a higher SEO ranking and gain more traffic.

4. Interactive Community Through Social Media

Let’s not overlook social media! Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are marvelous platforms from which to do a bit of advertising for your site. Who doesn’t see those attention grabbing ads on the sidebars of the Facebook page? Utilizing social media creates a user friendly way for clients to become interactive with you as well. Your posts, blogs or pertinent current notifications can go viral in a heartbeat with regular social media posts, leading to much more traffic to your site! Reddit is another platform that at times, goes overlooked. Remember, the threads on Reddit get people talking about what they’ve read and the more people talking in a thread, the more traffic to your site,  Building an interactive community with social media is a great way to stay ahead of the crowd.

5. Guest Blogging

Speaking of social, get social with influencers in your field of business and ask them to guest blog on your site. It garners good business to business practices as well as gives a fresh perspective to what you already offer. It’s a two way street too, you can also guest blog and in doing so, both sites win with crossover traffic.

6. Conducting Interviews

Who are the main star players of your industry? An interview with a top game player is a wonderful way to not only gain traffic to your page but a good way to boost your own standing within your business community. You’ll probably score even more traffic if the interviewee decides to share that experience on their own site.

7. Speedy Accessibility

 It may seem like the most simple thing but making sure your site is a fast one is also a great way to gain and keep a good traffic flow. If your site takes too long to load, has broken links or links that load like molasses on a frigid January day, your traffic is likely to get frustrated and leave. Making sure your site and links load as fast as possible is a simple yet effective way to gain and keep the traffic flowing smoothly.

These tips can help in getting a flow of traffic to your site that you’ll be happy with for a long and prosperous while!

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Emily Oswalt

As social media manager at 21 Handshake, my passion of social media shines through to bring awareness to your brand. From the latest hashtag trend to engaging influencers, my desire is provide the best content to get your target audience talking online.