Top 3 Reasons a Blog Increases Traffic to Your B2B WebSite

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Don't make the mistake of thinking that a blog is only for individual consumers. If you operate a B2B business, you need to have a blog too. Skeptical? Here are three reasons why it makes sense.

 1. It Keeps Things Active & Interesting

 A blog is only a blog if it is regularly maintained. Otherwise, it's just another web page. This is important because regularly updating a blog with new posts is an excellent habit to get into. First, your customers and potential clients will be pleased to find a blog with regularly, ongoing posts. Businesses will see that as a sign that you are diligent and creative, and be more willing to consider your products or services as a result.

 However, there are even more tangible benefits to maintaining a blog. Google (among other browsers) regularly updates its browser with tweaks to the algorithms that return search results. That's what keeps SEO such a lively field. Overall, Google is trying to shift the paradigm of search results toward faster answers and higher quality. Keeping an active blog with regularly updated posts (more on this in the next point) is a great way to please Google's algorithms and achieve better page rankings. A blog is a great way to make sure your website feels alive!

 2. Thought Leadership

Thought leadership may seem like a strange benefit to a blog, but it works in two different ways. Thought leadership requires high-quality, informative blog posts, typically longer than the alternative, which cover industry news, important events, product philosophy, and more. Providing blog posts like this is an excellent way to bring in new clients and impress potential customers. "Content is king" they say, and when it comes to marketing many customers are looking for a business that knows its stuff and can prove it: Longform blog posts are a great way to do this, and sales will follow from impressed viewers.

 In addition to establishing yourself as an expert in the field, thought leadership blogging will also improve your SEO. Google is treating longform content by experts as a valuable part of the online experience and the browser will boost articles like these – and the websites that contain them.

 3. It Can Lead to Direct Sales

Blog posts provide an opportunity to include a call to action. Create calls to action in a majority of your posts, and those are a lot of lead generators let loose into the wild. It's not surprising that a well-managed blog can directly increase sales through smart link management. If you don't have a blog, you are missing out on leads from companies searching the net for information, news, analysis – and new partners.

Not sure where to start with your content marketing strategy? Contact us, we would love to shake your hand online and guide you through the process of profitable blogging. 


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