3 Reasons You Should Have a Customer Centric Video Strategy

by Sarah Hayes on August 06, 2015



Video content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most powerful mediums available to businesses. All you need to do is take a look at this article to see why:

  • 64% of all web traffic in 2014 was video traffic.
  • 79% of all web traffic in 2018 will be from video.
  • Facebook videos enjoy over one billion autoplay views every single day.

This is a market you need to tap into, and quickly. The key, of course, is a focus on the content. You need to make sure you have a customer centric video marketing campaign. Here’s why:

 Deeper Engagement with Your Users

The reason you’re creating content in the first place is because you want to engage your users. You want to provide value for them, and get them excited about your product. You want them to comment, like, and share your videos.

This never happens with traditional advertising. Do you remember the last time email marketing excited you enough to share it with all your friends and family? This is why you need to focus on the content. And the content needs to focus on your audience. It’s the only way to excite them enough to provoke action, which is the key to your whole customer centric video strategy.

Customers Want the Focus on Them

More than ever, customers want to bond with the brands they choose to support. In exchange for this devotion, they need to know you empathize with them. They need to know that you ‘get it’ and that you’re on their side.

This is a major reason you have to make sure your campaign is customer centric. Remember, focus on your customer throughout your content. Don’t tell your customers everything about your product and services. Tell them about their problems, their issues, and then fit what you do into that. Your customers, and your results, will appreciate it.

Your Audience Needs to be Willing to Watch

You’re creating your video content marketing to make sure it gets viewed. If nobody watches, even the greatest content is worthless. Customer centric video marketing hooks users from the beginning. After all, the video is speaking directly to them and their issues.

Viewer retention is tricky and on average you don’t have much time to hook your viewers. Many of them stop watching immediately. Your content needs to grip them immediately or they’ll never make it to your call-to-action. If it isn’t tailored to them, it could be mission impossible.

Building a customer centric video campaign can be tricky, especially if you don’t have much experience building videos. If you’re having problems with your video campaign, or you just want an extra hand, reach out to us today. We’ll be happy to help you build the perfect video content marketing strategy.



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