Launching a Digital Marketing Strategy? The Truth About Setting Realistic Expectations

“We guarantee a viral hit!”
“You’ll have 10,000 likes in 12 hours.”
“You’ll be the top Google hit in a week.”
“We’re going to break the Internet!”

Ever heard someone make an outlandish digital marketing strategy promise before? Unless you’re teaming up with one of the Kardashians, reputable digital strategists know that no matter how much we want to guarantee a viral hit or social media success, digital marketing just doesn’t work that way. Yes, we can follow industry best practices and glean insights from successful marketing campaigns we’ve managed in the past. But even when we do everything “right” we sometimes can’t deliver a viral smash every time– and that’s okay.

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How to Build an Emotion B2B Marketing Campaign that Works

Think your feelings are deep and complex? They may actually be far more straightforward than we give them credit for. There are four emotional states that essentially drive every decision that we make as human beings - happy, sad, afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted, according to a recent article by Julie Beck in Atlantic. Those last two choices are grouped up because our initial stimuli and facial expressions are nearly identical between the divide: a simplification that comes in handy for the purposes of an emotion B2B marketing campaign. Effectively selling to your customers becomes a much easier task when you focus on and incorporate one or more of these "base" emotions: because they're familiar, we're keyed to recognize and respond to them when they enter our proverbial radar.

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: 5 Reasons Stories is Dominating

We've talked about Instagram Stories before, and how they allow you to post 24-hour long collections of photos and videos for "in the moment" descriptions and communication. You know, basically like Snapchat – in fact, so much like Snapchat that many people wondered just what Instagram was trying to do by copying such a popular social app so exactly.

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How Emotion Marketing Works to Capture Your Prospects Attention

Think about your favorite commercial. Now think about the last post you shared on a social media network. Now remember the last movie, or restaurant, or song you recommended to a friend. Each one of these memories has something very important in common: each one of them made you feel something. Whether you laughed at a ridiculous joke or teared up at an emotional scene in a movie, you weren't just committing the bare facts to mind, your brain was actually storing the way that moment made you feel. There's a very good reason for that: remembering how a predatory animal incited fear or a delicious handful of berries brought satisfaction is what helped our ancestors carry our genes through the rough terrain of prehistoric times.

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How to Know if Your Instagram Account Has Been Shadowbanned

The word "shadowban" may sound a little ridiculous, but it's serious news for brands using Instagram to promote business and draw in more conversions. A shadowban occurs when an account or specific content is banned without any notification. On your end, you don't see anything that's different, but viewers won't be able to see content from their end, which can make posts – to a certain extent – useless.

Not cool! Here's what we know about Instagram's shadowbans so far.

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Google's Mobile Page Speed Benchmarks - How Does your Site Measure Up?

A little earlier this year, Google released the newest benchmarks for mobile page speed among businesses. The report showed us two things:

  1. Mobile page speed is really, really important. Google gives it a ton of weight when grading and ranking mobile sites (and remember, Google' algorithm is"mobile first"these days, so that makes a lot of difference). Prospects give speed even more weight than Google – it's the first thing they notice and a key factor in bounce rates.
  2. Businesses are flunking their mobile speed report card. Badly. On one hand, this is really embarrassing news, because experts have been talking for years now about how important a tight, speedy, friendly mobile site is in today's world. Apparently, very few companies have listened. On the other hand, it means there's still a lot of room for differentiation – if you can create a mobile site that beats the benchmarks, you can really stand out...which means making a lot of extra revenue.
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21 Handshake Report: Google vs. Facebook

Call it what you may...

Search vs. Social

Facebook vs. Google

The online territory war for our attention is real. 

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Can Facebook Messenger Replace Your Customer Service Platform?

In the past, Facebook Messenger was just another IM tool. If both you and your friends spent time on Facebook, you could contact the friends currently on the social media app and send them quick messages through the little chat window. It was like Gmail chat and many other messaging tools – sometimes handy, but not exactly a must-have for marketing purposes, and not usually something customers showed any interest in using. But that's changing.

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How to Use Facebook Ad Benchmarks to Improve Your Campaigns

Are your Facebook ads effective? Without any context, it’s hard to know whether the click-through rates on your latest ad campaign were good, bad or somewhere in the middle. It’s even tougher to know whether your ad spend investment is yielding an ROI. 

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Why Quality Content in Digital Marketing is Crucial in 2017

The motivation behind content used to be a little like a television in a waiting room: not what you came for, but rather something to pass the time. The evolution of search engines flipped that script entirely, creating a scenario where that waiting room was unlikely to even be found without that "television" turned on to the right station, at the right time, and at the right volume. Content marketing - the practice of using content as both a vehicle and platform for your brand message - was born. Today, as digital marketing picks up momentum through 2017, quality content is more important than ever.

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