by Isaac Oswalt on April 20, 2017

How to Use Facebook Ad Benchmarks to Improve Your Campaigns

Are your Facebook ads effective? Without any context, it’s hard to know whether the click-through rates on your latest ad campaign were good, bad or somewhere in the middle. It’s even tougher to know whether your ad spend investment is yielding an ROI. 

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by Sarah Hayes on April 18, 2017

Why Quality Content in Digital Marketing is Crucial in 2017

The motivation behind content used to be a little like a television in a waiting room: not what you came for, but rather something to pass the time. The evolution of search engines flipped that script entirely, creating a scenario where that waiting room was unlikely to even be found without that "television" turned on to the right station, at the right time, and at the right volume. Content marketing - the practice of using content as both a vehicle and platform for your brand message - was born. Today, as digital marketing picks up momentum through 2017, quality content is more important than ever.

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by Sarah Hayes on April 07, 2017

Friday Handshake Report: Personalization Equals Increased Open Rates

Never underestimate the power of taking time to get to know your prospect. 

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by Isaac Oswalt on March 30, 2017

How to Leverage B2B Customer Success Stories to Engage Prospects

In the high stakes world of B2B decision making, nothing helps to eliminate sales barriers and drive decision maker consensus quite like B2B customer success stories. Why? Customer success stories (aka customer testimonials) are the direct opposite of sales copy. Rather than tooting your own horn for the umpteenth time, a satisfied client is sharing their personal experience with your company.

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by Isaac Oswalt on March 23, 2017

Why Your B2B Business Needs a Growth Team

The team at 21 Handshake just got back from Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit and we're excited to share our biggest “a-ha!” moments with you. First up: getting rid of your marketing department… and your sales department. Yep, we mean it. They both have to go. Before you start to panic or write us off as a bit crazy, know that we’re not suggesting you fire anyone. Instead, we're suggesting that you merge these two departments into one new, unified team dedicated to growth. Welcome to the Growth Team.

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by Sarah Hayes on March 22, 2017

Determining ROI: Digital Radio Ad Campaign vs. Traditional Radio Campaign

Yes, a lot of people still listen to the radio – some estimates have as many as 93% of U.S. listening to the radio at least once a week. But what does "radio" mean? Are we talking AM or FM? What about Satellite Radio? And let's not forget the rise of internet radio through sources like Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, iTunes Radio, and many other services.

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by Aleks Vizulis on March 21, 2017

5 Pro Tips to Get Your Content Into Google Answer Box


You've probably seen them at the top of search engine pages – those boxes that specifically answer data-oriented questions fast. If you want to ask Google, "What is inbound marketing?" you don't even have to look at site links, because that answer box up top will tell you.

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by Sarah Hayes on March 16, 2017

How Your Company Can Adopt a Growth Marketing Mindset

Are you wasting your marketing dollars acquiring customers that don’t stick around? While some churn is inevitable, a low customer retention rate is bad news for any business. It means your company will need to invest more money to acquire more customers in order to maintain the same growth rate. That’s a recipe for stagnation, not growth.

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by Isaac Oswalt on March 15, 2017

3 Benefits of a B2B Growth Marketing Mindset

Traditional marketing focuses on “top of the funnel” activity. The mission for this type of marketing is simple: generate qualified leads who will convert into customers. Increasingly, however, companies are recognizing that’s simply not enough. After all, growth without retention isn’t really growth, right?

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by Emily Oswalt on March 13, 2017

The Best Sources to Find Curated Content for Social Media

New content is great – as long as it's new! But how do you know if you're talking about something original or copying what all your competitors said last month? You do a little research first – and that's what content curation tools like these are for! See what tools on our list work best to find curated content for your business.

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