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How a B2B Can Use Facebook Groups for Pages

Facebook has long been a marketing boon in the B2C arena, allowing brands to effectively reach out and connect with their customers directly, gathering data and insight and signaling which users - read as "influencers" - are worth a closer look. In B2B, communications are less informal as a general rule, and you don't see many companies proactively reaching out unless a stated concern or need is publicly posted. Does that mean Facebook isn't useful for businesses to connect to other businesses? Not by a long shot. There are plenty of B2B decision-makers on Facebook, and a great deal of them can be coaxed into listening via Facebook groups

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The New Hybrid Social Reach Strategy: Organic and Paid

Organic marketing is exceptionally appealing to budget-conscious companies - while the creation of organic content does require capital, deploying it across various platforms is essentially free. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and that's doubly true in the B2B sphere; social media platforms are all too aware at how lucrative marketing is, and how much of a dent "organic" was putting in their bottom line. Knowing that aggressive ad exposure could cost them subscribers - the real product, at the end of the day - these channels have opted to be more selective in what they display from businesses. Unsurprisingly, "selective" sounds an awful lot like an old-timey cash register if you listen closely enough. Paid advertisers aren't just getting a little bit of preference, they've stolen the spotlight entirely.

So is that it, then? Is organic reach well and truly dead? Have social media companies slammed the door and thrown away the key? Not completely.

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Need to Improve SERP? 8 Most Valuable Google Ranking Factors

Yes, there are about 200 different Google ranking factors, and no, we don't expect you to have them all memorized. Many are encoded in SEO best practices as well – but the most influential factors tend to slowly shift over time as Google decides what's good or bad for its search engine. That's why it's always useful to take a look at the top ranking factors and ask, "All right, what's mattering the most these days?"

Thanks to research from SEMrush and other organizations, we can put together a pretty good picture of what Google cares about right now...and some of the top factors may surprise you!

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6 Key Characteristics of Millennial Shoppers


In case you haven't been following the news lately, millennials are ruining everything. The much-maligned demographic born between 1980 and 2000 is, if you believe the hype, are single-handedly responsible for the downfall of everything from engagement rings to Applebees. To hear certain political figures tell it, they're even choosing avocado toast over home ownership, and iPhone upgrades over access to basic medical care. In reality, these world-weary technomancers are getting one heck of a bad rap - but the heart of the problem isn't their unwillingness to spend, it's commerce's stubborn refusal to listen to and adjust to the unique needs of the millennial. Are you guilty of this attitude?

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8 Genius Ideas for Your Next Social Media Post

There might come a point in your business when social media starts to feel....tired. You've already shared the latest joke, the last big event, the newest "please pay attention" photo. You and your followers are tired of contests, blog links, and random platitudes. You're not sure that the content is getting the signals it needs, and you don't want to try re-using the same formulas.

It's time for something new, something that breaks out of the rut. Here are the top social media post ideas that we've found make excellent additions to the "same old" rotation. Pick a few that you like and make them a part of your posting strategy!

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Instagram vs. Snapchat: Where Your B2B Should Focus

Social media is revolutionizing the way marketing is considered, crafted, and distributed as a whole by closing much of the wide gap between a message and its intended audience. Visuals, in particular, are working overtime to prove that whole "worth a thousand words" proverb for 2017 and beyond. With finite resources and brainpower at a company's disposal, where should they aim their efforts? The most obvious answer points to whichever platform your ideal customers are using the most. However, in certain cases, it doesn't pay to go for a cruise on a sinking ship - and that's exactly the direction that the once-popular Snapchat app seems to be heading.

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3 B2B Tips for Independence Day Inbound Marketing

I know what you're thinking - B2B marketing? On a major holiday? Why don't I just toss budget dollars into the copyroom shredder? Unlike B2C marketing, it's a reasonably safe bet to assume that your audience isn't going to be at their computers on July 4th, and likely to be on a shorter work schedule even if they are. They're checked out - not in business mode and definitely not in the usual frame of mind that inbound marketing looks to link up with. Most B2B companies would probably put their own marketing efforts on pause here, but they'd be missing out on some seriously great opportunities. Here's how to turn a fizzled "dud" of an Independence day marketing effort into a we-keep-this-in-the-back gigantic finale-style fireworks bundle:

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How to Create a B2B Marketing 'One Liner' That Sells Your Product

As a marketer, if you were to hear the phrase "140 characters," chances are you already know the platform that phrase is referencing. The truncated - some might even say stunted - constraints of Twitter have forced a level of brevity that today's marketers have embraced as the norm. Paragraphs-long Facebook posts are mercilessly slashed, hiding the bulk of content behind a "read more" prompt that serves as an orchestral swell nudging long-winded Oscar winners off the stage. Viral-hungry gifs loop a few seconds of video endlessly, and Instagram snaps encapsulate an entire brand message into a heavily-filtered blink of an image. Ours is an age of digitally-hastened short attention spans, down to 8 seconds from 12 in the last 17 years alone, according to the New York Times. For B2B marketing, that means that a one-liner might very well be the most important thing you'll ever craft. 

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