by Sarah Hayes on August 30, 2016

Here Is What You Should Do to Find Your Ideal Length B2B Blog Post

When creating your B2B blog post guidelines, one of the most important steps is deciding the length of the blog post. This is an important question, not only for increasing engagement, but also for looking at how online content has been changing in recent years – and where it's heading in the future. Let's just say the answers may surprise you!

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by Aleks Vizulis on August 23, 2016

The Facts Between Blog Directory Submission And Search Engines

Directories are a potential solution to spread your content around the Internet, potentially increasing your SEO and reach…although there are some negatives attached to this process. At 21 Handshake, we've been cautiously supportive of using blog directory submission – as this support comes with a whole lot of caveats. It's time to take a closer look at directories, why they can be "problematic," and if they're really worth your time. Let's jump in.

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by Emily Oswalt on August 22, 2016

5 Main Benefits of Post-Specific Content Upgrade

Have you heard about content upgrades? This tactic is used as an effective call to action at the end of a blog post or similar piece of content. The theory is simple: Publish an article about a topic, then offer a free post - specific "content upgrade" at the bottom of the article that connects to a whitepaper, infographic, in-depth guide, or other source that goes much deeper and offers even more value to interested readers. The simple addition can be effective – so effective, some blogs have see a 785% increase in conversions with just a few upgrade options. A 785% increase! Wow! Can you tell how excited we are about that? And just in case you needed a few other reasons to try this out for yourself, we're going to talk about the other advantages, too!

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by Aleks Vizulis on August 17, 2016

7 Different Techniques for Getting Ultra-Popular Linkable Assets

Term of the day! Linkable assets are something, usually a web page, that has incredible content on it that everyone loves and can be used to build your brand (it also refers, indirectly, to the brand itself). While we've talked a lot about getting great content, we haven't talked much about the different techniques people use to really push content – the different strategies available to you. Now's the time! See which one of these techniques is right for your situation.

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by Aleks Vizulis on August 10, 2016

6 Tips to Increase Website Visitor Engagement

“Me, myself and I. My site, my product, my sales.” Would you consider these openers a good way to start your site’s page?

A neutral way?

Or a bad way since it sort of sounds narcissistic and has the potential to make your website traffic click away from you?

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by Emily Oswalt on June 15, 2016

5 Things Everyone Knows About Finding Targeted Keywords That You Don't

We're going to be honest: Picking targeted keywords is not a glorious job. It's not especially exciting or fulfilling – but it is incredibly important. You can't rush through your keywords and skip to content creation, not if you want effective SEO. Fortunately, we have several popular ideas for how to find excellent keywords, without making it a slog.

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by Sarah Hayes on June 14, 2016

4 Reasons to Repost Your Blog Content on Medium or LinkedIn Pulse

You wrote an amazing post on your blog but it’s not gaining a lot of traction. You carefully crafted a click-worthy headline, added a compelling image, and refined your message for maximum impact. But despite sharing over social media, engagement remains disappointingly slow. So… should you repost your blog content on Medium or LinkedIn Pulse?

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by Sarah Hayes on May 16, 2016

How To Turn From Zero To Hero with these Blogging SEO Tips

Blogging is a little bit like running (bear with us): After doing it for too long, your form gets sloppy and you are in danger of doing more harm than good. Part of our job is to notice bad habits and bring them to your attention so you can benefit! Blogging SEO is an excellent example, because if you get lazy in your blogging, it simply won't improve your page ranking. So make sure your blogging form is the best it can be with our latest SEO reminders!

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by Sarah Hayes on April 12, 2016

Increase Your Audience with 'White Hat' Clickbait Practices

You've no doubt seen these sort of headers floating around the Net: "8 Reasons to Buy a Plane Ticket to Patagonia Today" or "5 Year Old Spills Ice Cream: What He Does Next Will Leave You Laughing."

A title is usually considered clickbait if it transparently tries to hook you into clicking on it; usually by hinting at something wonderful (or horrible) waiting inside. Over time, clickbait has become more synonymous with misrepresentation, or blatantly making a ridiculous title just to get people's attention.

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by Sarah Hayes on February 04, 2016

[Infographic] 10 Places for a Blog Promotion Strategy

In 2016, it is not enough to just hit publish on your blog. To build an audience and increases views, you need to have a blog promotion strategy built into your content marketing plan. Most people know that sharing to the 'big 3' - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - are important but don't limit yourself to only those platforms. Here are 10 other blog promotion platforms to share your content on this year.  Have another suggestion? We would love to shake hands online and hear it! 

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