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Brand Voice pt. 4: Why Your Brand Needs a Brand Profile


From Nike and Pepsi to GE and Microsoft, major corporations spend millions each year on marketing initiatives to carefully shape, protect or revitalize their brand image. The success of a marketing campaign can hinge on a single word or image choice. That’s why these companies have also invested millions in brand style guides that carefully define and protect branding and tone across all internal and external communication touch points. Why? A distinct and unwavering brand voice is a core communication attribute. Any communication inconsistency can create brand confusion. Consistency matters.

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Brand Voice pt. 3: Why Brand Voice Matters for Online Customer Service

Recently, I returned from a quick Canadian road trip and felt a true sense of relief switching back to measuring distance and speed based on miles rather than kilometers. It got me thinking about how easy it is to get used to a specific communication style in a specific context. Any communication change – even a simple and expected switch from miles to kilometers – can be jarring and slightly disorienting.

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Brand Voice pt. 2: Branding Guide for Social Media


If your brand attended a dinner party, who would it be? Would your brand be the tech-savvy guest offering pointers on how to be an Excel power user? Or, would your brand be the driven athlete who’s always working out and striving to unleash untapped potential?

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