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Isaac's 21 Thoughts: How To Be Successful


 Anyone who knows 21 Handshake owner, Isaac, knows that he constantly has 100 ideas and thoughts running through his brain at all times. And while we admire his excitement and creativity, finding a productive way to channel it has been a challenge! 

This blog is a result of that. Every Friday Isaac will be sharing insight and lessons about owning a business and working in the digital marketing space. For now we're calling it "Isaac's 21 Thought's" because he usually has that many (and more!) rolling around his brain at all times. This format may change as we get him to document more and more of his consciousness.

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7 Reasons You Need A Crisis Communication Plan Today


A crisis communication plan is designed to do one thing: Provide everyone with a roadmap when the business gets a bit of negative news – including work accidents, public incidents, poor reviews, negative social media reactions, hate mail, and more. You can target specifically at social media disasters, at hacks or theft, at specific work events, or whatever your "crisis" may include. But your business should at least have an online component to avoid some of the bad publicity fallout! Here are the top reasons why a crisis communication plan is more important than ever.

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