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5 Secrets from a Successful Facebook Sweepstakes Contest

From Costco food samples to vacation sweepstakes, there’s nothing Americans love more than freebies. Facebook is ground zero for capitalizing on our love for freebies to grow a social media fan base and increase brand awareness. One of the easiest contests to run is a simple Facebook sweepstakes contest where entrants only have submit their email addresses for a chance to win a prize. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a tropical resort vacation. This year, our team successfully completed a Facebook Yeti cooler giveaway for a client that increased the company’s Facebook fan base from 100 to 1,000 followers within a month.

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Facebook Video: 6 Reasons the First 3 Seconds are Vital to Success

Facebook videos! They get results, sometimes they engage even better than a great photo, and brands are highly encouraged to try them out – especially if you have some strong video concepts elsewhere that can be adapted to Facebook. There's only one significant catch: You only have a few seconds to win people.

Does that sound harsh? In today's demanding social media world, it's pretty reasonable: Three seconds is actually a whole lot of time, as long as you use it correctly. Let's take a look at why that precious handful of moments has become so important.

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8 Genius Ideas for Your Next Social Media Post

There might come a point in your business when social media starts to feel....tired. You've already shared the latest joke, the last big event, the newest "please pay attention" photo. You and your followers are tired of contests, blog links, and random platitudes. You're not sure that the content is getting the signals it needs, and you don't want to try re-using the same formulas.

It's time for something new, something that breaks out of the rut. Here are the top social media post ideas that we've found make excellent additions to the "same old" rotation. Pick a few that you like and make them a part of your posting strategy!

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Top Facebook Headlines that Elevate User Engagement

We've discussed molding your content to fit what your readers want, as opposed to what you think they may want, but what about headlines? These ultra-important handfuls of words are the difference between enthusiastic engagement and bounce-ridden obscurity, but they still persistently get the "afterthought" treatment. Your best content will begin - both literally and figuratively - with a headline, so doesn't it deserve at least as much attention as the paragraphs that follow? We certainly think so, and with Facebook engagement enduring as a powerful force in B2B, a little crash course in effective Facebook headlines is particularly timely.

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Increase Engagement with these Facebook Marketing Hacks

There are a whole lot of "hacks" for Facebook business pages out there, and most of them are crap. General advice like "use good photos" isn't a hack, it's just general advice. So we're taking a stand for the high-quality hacks that are actually out there: It's time that people get some real tricks to use when updating their Facebook strategy, and we've got a few Facebook marketing hacks about just what you can try to improve your engagement numbers.

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Lacking Conversions on Your Facebook Ad? 5 Proven Strategies

Facebook is a powerful platform for any marketer, a forum that can not only reach millions of people at any given moment, but one that allows you to narrow your audience to desirable potentials. So what gives? Your ads aren't making the mark you hoped they would, and you feel like you're barely a blip on the radar in your respective industry. You've got Facebook ads, but they aren't converting at the rates you were aiming for - or, even worse, aren't converting at all. It's time to take your marketing temperature and make sure you're using these 5 proven strategies for a killer Facebook ad campaign:

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Facebook vs. Instagram Showdown: Which is Most Worth Your Investment?

In a perfect world, we would have unlimited budgets and time to invest in whatever social media projects we wanted for amazing results. This world is...more complicated. And while using several different social media platforms at once can be very effective, we understand if you only have enough resources to concentrate on one or two. Which leads us to the pressing question: If you can invest in the ultra-popular Facebook or the ultra-popular Instagram, which should you choose? Here are some factors to help you make the tough decision of Facebook vs. Instagram for your time investment.

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