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Topic Clusters: The Impact Internal Links Have on Your SEO

Google thinks internal links are important: Where you link within your own website is an important part of the SEO formula because it shows what your site cares about, and where it tries to guide visitors. Too many internal links is cause for losses in page ranking these days, as Google doesn't like to see any site try to artificially control its links or where people go – it also doesn't seem to care for sites that give special preference for internal links within content.

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Problem-Solving vs. Product-Pushing in Marketing - Who Wins?

Getting the word out about your business has been the central function of marketing since the dawn of recorded ad space. In a world where an individual is exposed to dozens of ads before breakfast - perhaps even before they get out of bed, depending on their smartphone habits - getting tuned out isn't a potential danger, it's a reality. The eyes and the mind have evolved to be more discerning by default: can you imagine if every ad penetrated, if every product or serviced advertised was purchased? Every house on the block would be a stockpile of As-seen-on-TV products surrounding a horde of disenchanted, irritated consumers with no solutions in sight.

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