by Isaac Oswalt on October 06, 2016

3 Steps to Kickstarting Your B2B Thought Leadership Strategy

Yesterday, we touched on the importance of thought leadership for B2B companies as a means not only to move leads through the sales cycle, but also to generate those leads in the first place. An effective thought leadership program takes more than just crafting compelling content. Effective thought leadership is created with an eye towards the accrual of brand value, not revenue. To do so,  your business needs a clear, strategic plan in place from day one. Otherwise, you risk producing content that becomes one more piece lost in an endless digital clutter stream. That's a waste of time, energy and money!

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by Emily Oswalt on August 15, 2016

7 Etiquette Tips to Follow When Asking for a Content Share

Good manners will get you everywhere – as long as you know what you're doing. If your goal is to get more links, more retweets, more guest blogs, and more shares…then you need to use a lot of honey and pour out the vinegar when asking for a content share. It's a busy marketing world out there, but etiquette will help you stand out, and we've got seven reminders you may need on those too-long work days.

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by Emily Oswalt on August 09, 2016

Step by Step Guide to Engaging Influencers on Popular Apps

One question we hear is, in summary, "I know influencer marketing is a good thing. But I'm not sure how to go about engaging influencers. What's the route from point A to point B?" We've talked a little bit about sources you can use for gaining Snapchat followers, but we didn't get into the nuts and bolts of how to contact them in a day-to-day environment. Well, not until now:

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by Isaac Oswalt on May 23, 2016

The Data about Paid Marketing Influencers You Can't Afford To Miss

Yes, it's time to talk about marketing influencers again! Previously, we've focused on the marketing benefits that come from becoming an influencer, or using other influencers in your brand-building. We've haven't talked about the monetary side, which may have you wondering, "Wait, should I get paid for being an influencer? Should I be paying others? What sort of payment should an influencer even ask for?"

These are great questions to ask for your influencer strategy, and we've got some interesting answers for you: 

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by Isaac Oswalt on May 17, 2016

Influencer vs. Advocate Marketing: Find the Right Brand Ambassadors for Your Business

Advocates are fans of your company who spread the word about your products. Influencers are fans of your company who spread the word about your products. It's understandable that you may be wondering what the difference is between influencer vs. advocate marketing! But the two words aren't interchangeable: Advocates and influencers have different positions, and deserve different treatment. Let's dig deeper.

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by Sarah Hayes on May 09, 2016

5 Things to Do Right Now to Become a Powerful Local Influencer

On paper, becoming a market influencer looks great: You are courted by other companies, both on and offline, and customers pay attention to every move you make. But in real life, becoming an influencer has an "A to B" problem. Your company is at A and your influencer status is at B: How do you get there? This problem is sometimes worse for small to mid-sized businesses with a strong local clientele, where online methods might not be as effective.

Fortunately, there are plenty of less-advertised ways to become a local influencer, and they work! Allow us to draw a line, as it were, between A and B: Here's five ways to reach the local influencer status you desire to achieve: 

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by Sarah Hayes on May 06, 2016

Friday Handshake Report: Thanks Mom!

Do you ever have that feeling that you are turning into your parents? Maybe you just said something and then two seconds later had the thought, "Oh my goodness, my mom said that to me every day".

Now, that I am Mom of two kids, I notice this all the time. I think this photo captures the essence of 'Mom phrases' that will always be said.  But no matter what happened during the day at the end of the day, I love you were the last words I heard.  I am glad to pass that 'tradition' down to my family. I love you, Mom (and yes, my room is clean)!

Here is what you missed this week on the 21 Handshake blog. 

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by Isaac Oswalt on May 05, 2016

Deep Roots and New Trends: Becoming a Manufacturing Influencer


We've discussed the power and importance of influencer marketing in the B2B world before, but we're also trying to go deeper and explain just what influencer marketing can offer your own business. Today I'd like to talk more about manufacturing, and how valuable it can be to become an influencer in this industry. We've got a powerful case study and several opportunities to review, so let's buckle in!

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by Isaac Oswalt on April 19, 2016

True Stats on Why Your B2B Needs Influencer Marketing

If you haven't been paying attention to influencer marketing, now is the time to start. This marketing strategy focuses on specific "influencers" who are able to connect with large audiences or reach deep levels of engagement that your brand can't get on its own. Tapping into the power of influencers can make an enormous difference for any company – and we've got the statistics to prove it. Here's why your B2B needs "influencer marketing" and why you should quickly adopt these words to be part of your vocabulary:

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