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Instagram vs. Snapchat: Where Your B2B Should Focus

Social media is revolutionizing the way marketing is considered, crafted, and distributed as a whole by closing much of the wide gap between a message and its intended audience. Visuals, in particular, are working overtime to prove that whole "worth a thousand words" proverb for 2017 and beyond. With finite resources and brainpower at a company's disposal, where should they aim their efforts? The most obvious answer points to whichever platform your ideal customers are using the most. However, in certain cases, it doesn't pay to go for a cruise on a sinking ship - and that's exactly the direction that the once-popular Snapchat app seems to be heading.

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7 Signs that Make a Good Instagram Influencer

We've covered the benefits of finding an Instagram influencer to work with: From Instagram takeovers to advice and references, an IG influencer is a great way to grow your Instagram audience and find better ROI on social media. But B2B companies run into a problem here – their social media world isn't exactly flooded with examples of a great Instagram partner, and it can be difficult to find strong potential influencers that can make a by-the-numbers difference. To make it easier, here are the top signs you should be looking for.

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7 Reasons an Instagram Influencer Skyrocket Account Growth

We have posted before on the general value of marketing influencers and how exactly they represent your brand to their own audiences. But there is a more unique creature on the rise: The Instagram influencer. Pay this influencer, and they will make a post about your brand on their feed, essentially showing and recommending it to all their followers, along with providing the necessary links to learn more. Does this work? It does – in the right circumstances. Let’s look at the biggest advantages.

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Instagram Mafia and the Explorer Section: Is This the Future of Instagram Success?

We already discussed the phenomenon of Instagram pods, or groups of people who upvote each other's Instagram posts to help gain higher visibility. That was good timing too, because this issue of pods and trying to use the Instagram algorithm for your benefit just got a lot more serious thanks to new reports from Instagram travel legend Sara Melotti. Melotti has gone on the record to show just how nasty gaming the system can get, and it's raising a lot of questions about Instagram and how it should be used.

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The Anatomy Of Hosting an Instagram Takeover

The Instagram "Takeover" is an interesting social media phenomenon that brands created specifically to increase their audiences while partnering with other businesses or people. Basically, you allow someone to take over your Instagram feed for a specific period of time and post their own photos on your feed. Both audiences get exposure to another Instagrammer, which leads to more social interaction and a boost in follower numbers. Plus, it's a fun little way to take a look at the business or industry through someone else's eyes. Here's the process to set up one of these Takeovers for your Instagram!

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Facebook vs. Instagram Showdown: Which is Most Worth Your Investment?

In a perfect world, we would have unlimited budgets and time to invest in whatever social media projects we wanted for amazing results. This world is...more complicated. And while using several different social media platforms at once can be very effective, we understand if you only have enough resources to concentrate on one or two. Which leads us to the pressing question: If you can invest in the ultra-popular Facebook or the ultra-popular Instagram, which should you choose? Here are some factors to help you make the tough decision of Facebook vs. Instagram for your time investment.

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: 5 Reasons Stories is Dominating

We've talked about Instagram Stories before, and how they allow you to post 24-hour long collections of photos and videos for "in the moment" descriptions and communication. You know, basically like Snapchat – in fact, so much like Snapchat that many people wondered just what Instagram was trying to do by copying such a popular social app so exactly.

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