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7 Local SEO Mistakes (That Tank Your Rank!)

Local SEO is getting a lot of attention right now because of the growing power of local searches. We love local SEO because it's simple to implement and can have profound advantages for search visibility. However, some brands are getting a little too careless with their local SEO, and that can lead to big problems, especially if you catch Google's attention. Here are the top local SEO mistakes to avoid!

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Your SEO Strategy for Geo Targeting (without using Google Ad Words!)

Geo targeting is a more advanced local SEO strategy: It focuses on finding out where prospects are making decisions around your city (typically on mobile devices), then targets content specifically for those locations. Geo-targeting allows you to pick specific places beyond your business address where sales decisions are made – and bring more of those prospects across the finish line. Here's how to make it work for you.

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