by Isaac Oswalt on January 26, 2016

Who Needs to Say 'Yes' in the Building Products Market Is Surprising

For suppliers and distributors in the Lumber and Building Materials Industry, connecting with the real decision-makers on construction projects can be an unending and difficult challenge.  To engage with these mysterious individuals, the supplier must first know who they are.  Only then will the supplier have any hope of eventually locating and connecting with these “holders of the purse strings.”

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by Isaac Oswalt on January 21, 2016

Reaching Your Target Audience in the Building Products Market

It's the constant bugaboo of modern life: Paradigm shifts seem to occur with regularity and it's hard to adjust quickly enough to be in the forefront of change. For the building products market, it's becoming clear that the old ways of marketing just won't cut it anymore. Where sellers used to provide the road signs for buyers to follow, it's now the buyers who are posting the signs.

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by Isaac Oswalt on January 19, 2016

How Houzz is Changing the Building Industry

For suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers in the lumber and building market who truly want to beat the competition, Houzz is a website that is changing the game forever.  As online marketing strategies continue to all but eliminate the dependence on more traditional techniques like print advertisements, word-of-mouth advertising, and other types of grass roots marketing campaigns, suppliers in the building industry are transitioning to the Internet as a way to increase brand name visibility.

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by Isaac Oswalt on January 13, 2016

Selling your Building Materials in the Digital Age: Virtual 'homework'

The lumber and building market is often slow to change with the times.  It seems that so many business owners are still living by the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”   Meanwhile, many building materials suppliers are complaining about diminishing profits, increasing overhead, and a “poor economy.”  Times have changed, and suppliers of building products can no longer afford to keep using outdated marketing practices that fail to produce consistent results.

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