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10 Tips for Succession Planning in a Family Manufacturing Business

Have you given much thought to your exit plan from your family owned business? Having a business succession plan can be particularly important if you have a family business. It can be a tricky process and counting on some trusted outside help can be invaluable. Of course having a trusted team of outside professionals can be a real asset for any major decisions involving your company. Securing a solid attorney, accountant and tax professional can help guide you in making better decisions.

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Manufacturing Personnel: How to Attract Premium Talent

A note from Blythe Kazmierczak and Kellie Haines from Axios Incorporated.

It is no surprise to us that local manufacturing business leaders are struggling to find skilled manufacturing talent, and ultimately it impacts their total cost of employment. An effective talent approach will lower the total cost of employment through driving results in attraction, retention and productivity of talent. Aligning wages with skills, lowering turnover and training can positively impact a manufacturing company’s profitability and create opportunity for reinvestment. We have seen business leaders address this issue in three specific ways.

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Facebook for a Manufacturing Business?!

In manufacturing we have constantly heard phrases like “Use the right tool for the right job”, “Whatever it takes”, “Find a solution that works.” Yet when it comes to marketing our manufacturing business and growing our customer base there seems to be a reluctance to try new tactics. Take Facebook for instance. I know that many entrepreneurial manufacturers will use Facebook to stay in touch with their children and even grandchildren. If you suggest they use it for marketing, some will look at you like you have a third eye.

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Competing Against China: One Guiding Principle You Must Remember

I came across an article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek from earlier in the year that was very satisfying to read. The basis of the article was that it is now just as economical to make goods in the United States as it is in China. Of course, this is of great interest to us, as it probably is for you.

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You Shared We Cared: MMA Survey Results & Holiday Offer

Earlier this year, manufacturers from throughout Michigan were asked to share their thoughts on a variety of subjects as presented by the Michigan Manufacturing Association. You shared the challenges you are facing, the MMA has compiled the results from the MMA survey, and now we are demonstrating we care with this first of a series of emails that will help you address these top problems in manufacturing. They include:

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Taxes and Regulations: 8 Events When Things Can Go Wrong!

Each day you make hundreds of decisions that ultimately affect your organization. From the simple ones like what phone calls to accept, to much larger ones like expansion, you are the decision maker. When it comes to taxes and regulations however, it will pay to get help. Here are 8 events, in particular, when things can go wrong!

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