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How to Create a Successful Internal Marketing Campaign


Getting the word out about a new product or service is challenging when your audience is the public, but getting employee buy-in? Well, that can be a little bit trickier. Your employees have been entrenched in your brand from day one - they know what's worked, what hasn't, and likely have strong opinions formed before a product even hits the market.

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Problem-Solving vs. Product-Pushing in Marketing - Who Wins?

Getting the word out about your business has been the central function of marketing since the dawn of recorded ad space. In a world where an individual is exposed to dozens of ads before breakfast - perhaps even before they get out of bed, depending on their smartphone habits - getting tuned out isn't a potential danger, it's a reality. The eyes and the mind have evolved to be more discerning by default: can you imagine if every ad penetrated, if every product or serviced advertised was purchased? Every house on the block would be a stockpile of As-seen-on-TV products surrounding a horde of disenchanted, irritated consumers with no solutions in sight.

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