by Isaac Oswalt on April 06, 2017

The New Digital PR Roadmap: How to Secure Earned Media

Is your business struggling to align “traditional” PR tactics like pitching reporters with digital PR best practices like engaging influencers and brand evangelists on social media? You’re not alone. Simply staying on top of digital marketing changes can be a huge challenge for SMBs, not to mention putting best practices into action!

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by Sarah Hayes on April 04, 2017

Digital PR Strategy 101: Building Media Lists and Pitching Stories

Is traditional PR dead? For decades, public relations success was measured by your ability to pitch a reporter and secure earned media coverage on the TV, radio or in newspapers and magazines. Today, we read most of our news online through news websites, apps, and our social media feeds. Social media and industry blogs have created a new platform for directly reaching customers, in many cases circumventing the need to “pitch” a reporter. But don’t write off the benefits of working reporters just yet!

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