The Friday Handshake Report: <1 Week Until Turkey Day!

Wow! How is it less than one week until Thanksgiving? Are you as surprised as I am? 

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How to Cultivate Additional Opportunities with Current Customers

Historically, content marketing has been synonymous with inbound marketing - growing awareness for your product/brand through an online sales funnel. It’s provided enough confusion in the online marketplace that we had to run a blog post ourselves about the differences between the two!

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How to Attract New Customers to Your B2B with Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways you can attract new customers to your business. Today’s savvy consumers and B2B customers trust advertising less than ever, and that trust is continuing to decline. If you want to grab their attention, you need to start providing them value before making a pitch.

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The Friday Handshake Report: Win with B2B Marketing

It's windy outside! We hope you are staying warm inside and with power (if you missed the rant on will want to check out this post!)

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Your Weekly Handshake Report: B2B Blogging Tips

We live in a fast paced world. Does it feel like you are always running? Some days I feel like that too! 

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Does Your Email Marketing Fall Flat?

Email marketing tends to get a bad reputation, but it’s a necessary part of any marketing mix. It provides a wide variety of benefits:

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5 Ways to Write Your Business to Higher Profits

You know the old saying, a picture is worth a 1,000 words...where does that leave the written word? Great Content is still the backbone of a great marketing strategy. Think about it. You look at a great infographic, you see the amazing numbers and fun graphics, BUT still you do research to find some in-depth 'written words' about the topic. I am not denying that visual images draw a viewer in - they do, read more about that here, but behind the visual imagery there should be a written content strategy. 


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by Isaac Oswalt on

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1 Simple Rule to Creating A Remarkable Brand

Creating a remarkable brand in any business involves many parts, but all stem from the emotional reaction your customers have towards you.

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