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Facebook Lead Generation 101


It's easy to think of social media as a brand-building tool – something to pump content into when you want to get your name out there and build up rapport. But that's not exactly true. One of the most valuable social media advantages is actually direct lead generation...as long as you know what you're doing. So let's talk about lead generation in social media, and why it needs to be a core part of your client strategy.

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Isaac's 21 Thoughts: Human Behavior + Holiday Shopping

Anyone who knows 21 Handshake owner, Isaac, knows that he constantly has 100 ideas and thoughts running through his brain at all times. And while we admire his excitement and creativity, finding a productive way to channel it has been a challenge!

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How Social Media Leaders are Changing Their Ads to Be More Native

Instagram is at it again! If you've been following our blog, you know Instagram is going through a lot of changes as it deals with newfound attention and a deluge of marketing tactics. One of the latest changes is particularly interesting, because it shows a new path for social media advertising – and you may have mixed feelings about it.

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Everything Your Need to Know About a Facebook Dark Post

We have previously talked about the interesting effect of "dark social," or the social media activity that exists (i.e., eyeballs on your posts) that can't be measured by social signals or other metrics.

It's an interesting effect, and led to discussion about Facebook's dark posts...which are a completely different phenomenon! Don't confuse dark social with dark posts on Facebook: Dark posts are a method of advertising that can help you manage Facebook more effectively, and they can have a measurable impact. Here's what they are and how to use them appropriately.

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The New Hybrid Social Reach Strategy: Organic and Paid

Organic marketing is exceptionally appealing to budget-conscious companies - while the creation of organic content does require capital, deploying it across various platforms is essentially free. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and that's doubly true in the B2B sphere; social media platforms are all too aware at how lucrative marketing is, and how much of a dent "organic" was putting in their bottom line. Knowing that aggressive ad exposure could cost them subscribers - the real product, at the end of the day - these channels have opted to be more selective in what they display from businesses. Unsurprisingly, "selective" sounds an awful lot like an old-timey cash register if you listen closely enough. Paid advertisers aren't just getting a little bit of preference, they've stolen the spotlight entirely.

So is that it, then? Is organic reach well and truly dead? Have social media companies slammed the door and thrown away the key? Not completely.

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5 Secrets from a Successful Facebook Sweepstakes Contest

From Costco food samples to vacation sweepstakes, there’s nothing Americans love more than freebies. Facebook is ground zero for capitalizing on our love for freebies to grow a social media fan base and increase brand awareness. One of the easiest contests to run is a simple Facebook sweepstakes contest where entrants only have submit their email addresses for a chance to win a prize. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a tropical resort vacation. This year, our team successfully completed a Facebook Yeti cooler giveaway for a client that increased the company’s Facebook fan base from 100 to 1,000 followers within a month.

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Lacking Conversions on Your Facebook Ad? 5 Proven Strategies

Facebook is a powerful platform for any marketer, a forum that can not only reach millions of people at any given moment, but one that allows you to narrow your audience to desirable potentials. So what gives? Your ads aren't making the mark you hoped they would, and you feel like you're barely a blip on the radar in your respective industry. You've got Facebook ads, but they aren't converting at the rates you were aiming for - or, even worse, aren't converting at all. It's time to take your marketing temperature and make sure you're using these 5 proven strategies for a killer Facebook ad campaign:

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