by Aleks Vizulis on August 04, 2016

4 Tips to Perform a Content Audit for Increased Prospect Engagement

Pruning trees and weeding your garden doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun but they’re both necessary if you want to have a boon in growth of your flora and a healthy and beautiful landscape. The same can be said for the growth of your site. The benefits of a content audit can be considered the pruning and weeding needed to insure a healthy and prosperous site!

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by Isaac Oswalt on June 30, 2016

6 Features a Prospect Needs to See on your Homepage Design

What do people actually want to see when they first open up your website? What features of that important homepage design will turn casual visitors into valuable leads and convince prospects that they need to buy? You've only got a few seconds to convince them – what tools should you choose? We've got the answers, so take a look at our list and make sure your homepage design includes these features front and center!

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by Aleks Vizulis on June 20, 2016

5 Ways to Decrease Your Website Bounce Rate

Nobody likes a high website bounce rate – a sure sign that viewers are glancing at your web pages and then leaving seconds later without doing anything. Some truly accidental bounces are acceptable, but others will lose you conversions, which is unacceptable. So let's talk about how to reduce your website bounce rates through effective web management!

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by Isaac Oswalt on March 02, 2016

5 Website Tips to Take You from 'Yellow Page Ad' to Lead Generator

You probably know exactly what we mean by a "Yellow Page ad website." For many busy companies, especially those in the B2B community, a website is just something you have for "online presence" that contains only the bare bones of your business information. That's understandable – but it's also a waste of web space where it could become a lead generator for improving sales!

So if your website is looking a little dated and under-utilized, consider a fresh design to really get your ROI. A competent business should consider several important website tips– like these:

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