Site and Social: Two Places Your B2B Video Content Marketing Needs to Be

by Aleks Vizulis on July 11, 2016


We're always looking for new ways to make content management easier – especially when it comes to growing trends like B2B video content marketing. We know that many B2B companies balk at adopting video in their regular marketing campaigns, uncertain of how much experience they need or how to use videos once they are made. 

So let's tackle this with an important distinction: Videos you post on your website, vs. videos you post on social media. When creating videos, plan to have them in one category or another. You may find that this makes B2B video content marketing vastly easier for your business!

Videos on Your Website

  • Professional: Professional videos tend to be product introductions, how-tos, interviews, or walkthroughs, more traditional video productions (often using more traditional video equipment, too). The important takeaway here is that these videos tend to be longer and more polished – they are more direct representations of your brand, and so need to be more in-depth and powerful.
  • Informative: Your website videos need to be dripping with value. Leads didn't come to your site for fluff or long-winded introductions. They came to learn more about how you do business and just what you offer. Aim your video content as an answer for those and similar questions. Don't worry too much about entertainment – just talk about what you know. What advice or explanations would you offer a prospect in person? That's the kind of information that should appear in these videos.
  • Properly Placed: These videos are going to be on your site for a long time, which means you need to carefully position them where they are easy to see but not intrusive. Don't hide them away in blog posts or at the bottom of the screen – place them where new visitors will notice! Autoplay, on the other hand, is not always a good idea, so think carefully about which videos you want to autoplay.
  • Leads to Further Connection: Your website videos should always give viewers a "next step" to take. This call to action is often filling out a contact form, going right to a product page, or watching a related video. However, you can tailor it to individual videos as you see fit. The contact form, in particular, is valuable for gaining new business.
  • Suitable for Other Platforms and Channels: These professional website videos are great for spreading out to other channels. Email and LinkedIn are particularly good ways to share these videos. You should also start building a YouTube Channel for these videos once you have several on your site.

Videos on Social Media

  • Shorter: Popular social media videos only need to be a few seconds long to have an impact. That's enough to show off a cool product feature, a new installation, or a completed project! Go too far beyond this, and you'll lose attention from viewers who are scrolling through.
  • More Room for Emotion: Entertainment is a widely accepted on social media – even in places like LinkedIn. You can easy up on your strict information focus and provide some levity or a more casual look at your team for social media. Part of the purpose in using social networks is to humanize your company, and show viewers that they can trust your brand because there are real humans behind it.
  • Timing is More Important Than Placement: You don't have much control over placement in social media, but you have a lot of control over timing. Post at the right time to get as many eyes on your video as possible.
  • Direction Toward Site: The primary call to action for videos on social media should be a visit to your site. Sure, a like or a comment is good, but the end goal is directing traffic onward.
  • Less Suitable for Evergreen: Don't worry as much about spreading these videos into other channels (unless one proves to be very popular – then go for it). Videos in social media are meant to be short term, so it's okay to let them go.

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