Underrated Social Media Strategies that Still Work

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Some social media tasks are boring, time-consuming, or feel unnecessary in the moment. But these underrated tasks are still very important to ongoing brand success, and sometimes we all need a reminder. Let's take a look at the social media tactics you should never stop doing.

Take a Look at Trending Topics

It may seem like a casual activity, but following trending topics in your industry and as a whole in your country/society can be very helpful when you are working to build your online brand. You see, trending topics not only give you fuel for potential future content, they also paint a picture of people around you (potential customers) think, what they like, and what they are attracted to. Look at trending topics day by day, and you will be able to learn how to use their framing and subject matter to make your own content more attractive.

Drop a Line to Those You Haven't Heard From

This is the part of account management that's rarely phone. Contacting someone for the 15th time when they already said no previous may seem counter-productive – but it's not. Provided you aren't being a nuisance, there's nothing wrong with contacting clients, leads, and potential partners that you haven't heard from in a while, to see what's going on and what they might be interested in. Social media makes this particularly easy with comments, posts, IM and many other options to contact those people and reap the benefits.

Share Some of Your Favorites

What are you and your team liking this week? Why not share it with your audience, too? If it's related to your industry (and maybe a few times, even when it's not), you should be sharing a couple of your favorite links or memes with your own followers each week or so. This helps build community, shows you are in touch with your industry, and can also provide some valuable entertainment – plus the engagement that comes from being reminded that there are real people behind your marketing!

Comment on Your Comments

We're not just talking about the obvious "must comment" comments, like those asking a very specific question or those raising a serious complaint. But it's an underrated activity to simply take a few minutes to run through the comments you've gotten in the past day and make a few replies where appropriate. A simple "thanks" or "glad you let us know" can make a big difference.

Adding New Keywords for Future Use

If you scan news and trends everyday (always a good idea), then you also have an excellent opportunity to scan for new keywords to use in future social media content. We have suggested before keeping a spreadsheet or more advanced list of the latest keywords you are using for better organization...but this only works if you are regularly updating it, so take a few minutes and add this routine to your schedule.

View Content Through Other Devices

Marketing is still an important place for quality control! One of the easiest but often overlooked ways you can help is to simply take a moment to open up a few different browsers and devices, and look at the new content that has just gone live. How does it appear when viewed in different ways? Are there any problems with appearance or navigation? Size or buttons? Is the experience still meaningful on mobile devices, or does text or structure need to be changed? Sometimes there are issues that aren't discovered until you look through a variety of perspectives – just like your target audience will be doing.

Read Old Content

Take out some of your brand's old content from time to time and read it. We're talking about content that's at least several months old here, so you may have to go back in the timeline to find it. This may be more helpful than you think, because it's a lot easier to judge content once plenty of time has passed. You are likely to noticed things about brand tone, ongoing habits, and content focus that you wouldn't realize otherwise – it's a great way to self-improve!


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