Who Else Wants To Be Successful With a Marketing Influencer?

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If you talk about yourself too much, or too loudly, and what happens? For one, you'll end up hoarse and your voice will be less pleasant to listen to, but the real problem lies in boring or annoying your audience. Just as it can be tiring to hear the same old stories from friends or family, your audience hears your marketing message from you pretty often. If the message is essentially the same, how can you switch it up to keep things fresh? A marketing influencer might just be the answer. Leveraging the social or celebrity power of a third party will give your potential customers something new to listen to - even if the words are more or less the same.

A Glimpse into Another Network

When a well-known social media influencer agrees to work with your company, you aren't just gaining social credit with your existing audience, you're accessing theirs as well. High-profile personalities tend to flock together, so the chance of a ripple effect breaking down several doors isn't out of the question. If you're planning to be an active voice in your influencer's promotion, ask them which followers they consider peers, and which would be likely to be interested in interacting in the public eye. If you engage with these peers successfully, you'll be getting a considerable amount of extra mileage out of your influencer's outreach. 

Make Sure You're On the Same Page

Influencers are naturally busy and on the receiving end of a lot of social media communications, which means you might not always be able to reach them immediately. You'll want to iron out details and agreements before you start your mutual journey, such as expectations to avoid competing brands, how much creative control they'll have over their posts, and how visible you'd like your ongoing connection to be. You'll also want to be sure they add plenty of their own voice and tone to their promotions; marketing horror stories of cut-and-paste "influencers" abound, and you're ostensibly working with them for their originality, not your script. 

  • Do you want your product to be more of a #NoFilter shoutout, or would you rather they stage snaps with just the right lighting and props?
  • Do you have key words, phrases, or mottos you'd like them to incorporate?
  • Do you have a specific time or day you'd like them to discuss your product? 
  • Do you have a special landing page or promo URL for them to use?

Check Their Closet for Skeletons

It's not much of an exaggeration to say that the wrong post can bring down an empire. Jobs have been lost, marriages ended, and stocks have tumbled over a handful of words in the wrong place at the wrong time - and unfortunately, your company is not immune. One of an marketing influencer's biggest assets - reach - is also a potential liability that bears thorough researching before embarking on a partnership. If you're considering influencer marketing, make sure to pick influencers with values that closely mimic your own, and especially those of your core customer base. Overly religious, political, or crass language can be extremely damaging to your brand, as can getting caught up in celebrity scandals. Make it clear - in writing, if at all possible - that your company has an expectation of conduct as long as the business arrangement is in place. Otherwise, you could end up sharing the headaches for poor decisions and legal woes

A social media influencer, when properly chosen, can be one the best marketing endeavors your brand has at its disposal. If you want to get the most mileage out of working with an influencer - talk to them. They'll be the best judge of their audience's reception to your marketing message, and how to best use your partnership for mutual social media gain. 

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