Why You Need to Grow Your B2B Instagram Followers (and 3 secrets how to!)

by Emily Oswalt on December 21, 2016

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Instagram isn't just an add-on to Facebook or a diversion for teenagers (hey, even Snapchat is getting more serious these days). This photo and short video sharing service has become a powerful tool for brands, and a powerful method of outreach. Instagram alone has over 500 million active monthly users, which includes almost a quarter of all men in America and a burgeoning international audience. Together, users 'like' around 4.2 billion posts per day, so you can see why 70% of brands are expected to be using Instagram in 2017. The question is, are you going to be one of them? 

Even if you work in the most industrial sections of the B2B world, a B2B Instagram account can still be a powerful tool (actually almost more so in these fields, because representation on Instagram is low). But to succeed, you need to gain B2B Instagram followers and tap into those billions of daily likes. But how are you supposed to portray a business that may not have the most interesting photo options? We have three follower-boosting tips that you need to review:

1. Reach Out With the Right Tools

Instagram doesn't have to be entirely manual – especially if you're looking for more followers. Several tricks can help with this, but one of our favorites is Sendible, which has recently updated its suite with plenty of automation tools that make connecting so much easier. Specifically, it allows you to arrange for automatic liking based on certain hashtags. So, if another business uses a hashtag associated with your brand or products, you will automatically like it (up to certain parameters that you can set) and even automatically follow them if you wish. Since reciprocity is common, this is a great way to expand your own followers and encourage companies to follow you back. Take a look at which automation tools are ideal for your own follower goals, and start charting activity!

2. Create Consistent and Timely Stories

What do we mean by consistent and timely? Well, by consistent we mean that you need to post often enough to hold a "conversation" about your brand with all your followers. You need to make sure they feel included. A photo every now and then will neither make an impact nor encourage loyalty. Studies have shown that the most successful companies post to Instagram between 4-5 days per week. This may be a little high for your B2B goals, but it's an important number to keep in mind. And by "timely" we mean the time of day that you post. Generally, Instagram photos do the best when they are either posted early in the morning or late at night. However, when it comes to Instagram for B2B content, we suggest you temper this a little and post in either mid-morning or in the evening.

3. Be Beautiful

We know, this isn't a piece of advice given to B2B companies very often, especially in the LBM or manufacturing field. But it's important. People, even professionals acting on behalf of their company, are attracted to beautiful things. An B2B Instagram account filled with classy and striking photos is going to be a lot more successful than one that has boring, repetitive pics of the same products. Not sure that you can make "beautiful" photos for your posts? Check out this collection of B2B companies that excel at producing beautiful Instagram content. Sure, most of these brands have big budgets to pay professional photographers, but look at what can be done: You have more options than you might think. It's always worth it to think about what pics you are producing and spend time picking those that speak to other people.

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