Why You Should Look at Google Remarketing Before the New Year


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As we wrap up our advice for 2017, we want to talk about one interesting marketing tool in particular – remarketing ads via Google. If you've never tried these or aren't sure what they are, this FAQ is just for you!

What is Remarketing, Exactly?

Remarketing is an advertisement technique. It specifically seeks out past visitors to your website and gets your brand and products back in their view, even if they don't revisit your site again.

For example, let's say that a person visits a site that offers affordable office window installation and upgrades. They look around for a little bit, but don't pursue many products and don't learn a lot about your brand. Then, they move off of your site and start looking online for other various solutions.

At this point, your Google Remarketing kicks in, and as this hypothetical buyer looks around, they see an internet ad, from your site, specifically advertising energy-efficient window upgrades. "Oh, I didn't know that they offer those," the buyer thinks, and revisits your website. This time they take a closer look at what you are offering thanks to the ad link, and ultimately make a purchase.

In theory, that's how a remarketing strategy should work.

How is this Beneficial?

It's pretty obvious that remarketing is designed to nab people who casually visit your website but don't return. To do this, you can create lists of specific actions or characteristics that your remarketing ads will target. One of the most useful is the visitor who looks at a specific product page, but doesn't complete a purchase – you really want those people back. If you are more interested in collecting information, you may want to target people who visit but never fill out one of your CTA forms. You get the idea: You are capitalizing on people who only made it a little ways down the sales funnel.

What Kind of Ads Work?

Remarketing supports texts or image display formats, or a combination of the two. They are entirely managed through Google Adwords, so you probably don't need to worry about learning many new tools.

As for where they show up, they can appear on any specific website that your target visits, as long as that website accepts Google advertising placements. That's not exactly uncommon, so there's a good chance your ad will show up (whether anyone notices it, well, that's a different type of strategy).

What's Going On Behind The Scenes?

It's actually simple and about what you'd expect. When you start a remarketing campaign, it creates cookies when visitors come to your website and leave...as long as they meet the criteria you already selected – didn't buy a product, didn’t fill out the right information, and so on. That cookie will trigger an ad placement for the user, but only within a certain amount of time. You have a lot of control over how long the remarketing ad can show up after a site visit, and how many times it can appear in a day to the same user. You can also choose to block ads on certain websites for various targeting reasons.

Of course, it still all depends on cookies, which could be a problem if your audience has a particular dislike of cookies and tends to clean out their browsers regularly. It may not be important, but it's something to keep in mind in case there's a chance that it earns you some ill will.

Okay, How Can I Get Started?

Google makes this really easy, and even offers a remarketing guide that you can check out to get started. Of course, you will need an AdWords login and the knowledge of how to navigate the Campaign section of Adwords, but otherwise it's very easy, with many processes largely automated.

Note that Google also offers analytics support for remarketing. This is particularly useful if you want to know how successful the campaign is and what sort of activity is coming from these ads. Make use of the right tools available!


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