You're Not Alone: How B2B Marketers are Using Snapchat (the Smart Way)

by Emily Oswalt on May 02, 2016


If the idea of using this app in B2B circles makes you frown, we highly suggest taking a look at our other articles on how Snapchat works and why its content urgency is a useful marketing tool. This social app is used by CNN, Coca-Cola, and General Electric. Over 100 million people open it everyday to see photo shots from their friends and the companies they follow. Trust us, this app is a big deal: The problem is in application.

That's why we decided to take some time and switch focus to the practical aspects of using it in your marketing campaign – yes, you, B2B marketer who is currently wondering how Snapping picture of building materials could possibly bring in conversions. Let's talk about the most effective ways Snapchat is being used by your peers.

Personal Use: Why Snapchat Strategies Begin on Your Phone

Let's face it, using this app usually begins at home – B2B marketers started using Snapchat in their personal lives, and eventually began innovating ways to adopt it in business, first slowly and now with greater success. There are clear advantages to starting with personal use. This free download works best when you have used it among friends and family first and have a good idea of its limits and potential. The best first step is following as many friends and family members as you can find, and see what Snaps you get day to day before exploring it's use on your own.

Teasing New Products In Action

Let's say you have a great new product – how about a drywall panel. Due to ingenious design features created by you or your suppliers, this panel can be installed in half the time of a traditional drywall panel. Now, you can tell people about this new design. You can talk about it in presentations and hand out pamphlets at trade shows…and all of that will help. But what will really make contractors sit up and pay attention, what's really going to drive them to your site, is a several second demonstration of a worker placing a drywall panel in record time. That's going to create buzz, and that's exactly what Snapchat is for.

 Showing Your Production Process

We don't need to tell you that production quality is important in the B2B world – it's often a make or break factor when it comes to winning a new contract. To that end, it can be used to show quick photos or videos – nothing too revealing – about how your products are produced. Captured in the right way, these shots can be a powerful brand tool that backs up your product descriptions with evidence.

Trade Show Promotions and Reminders

People are already willing to accept a certain number of "gimmicks" at trade shows. That make shows a great place to convince leads to download the app and join up with your brand. Make sure you immediately put it to use by sending out information on promotions and reminders of presentations so demonstrate usefulness.

Tap Into Your Influencers

Not all use has to be client-facing! Connect with your influencers and send them Snaps about your latest products, most exciting shows, and upcoming deals. This helps form a stronger relationship and gives those influencers something to blog about.

Warm and Fuzzies

There's a whole group of tactics that we're calling the "warm and fuzzies" here because that's their job. These are quick interviews with your workers, funny videos of contractors using your products, snaps of crazy office lunches, and so on. This can have a surprisingly powerful impact in the B2B world when 1)used sparingly and 2)used to highlight the humanity of your brand as opposed to austere, ruthless competitors.

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